Benefits of a Swimming Pool

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Benefits of a Swimming Pool

Family Fun – A pool brings fun to a whole new meaning to Family Fun.  A pool removes all distraction the world today holds: cell phones, tv, video games, etc.  When quality time is hard to find these days, a pool is a welcoming place to bring the family together.  What better way to spend time as a family then in the luxury of your own backyard pool?

Parties and Events – Who doesn’t like a party?  Invite your friends, home groups, or host a pool event and invite the neighborhood.

Stress Relief – Pools are a great stress relief.  Studies show that being in and around water actually reduces distractions caused by too much stimuli the world around us produces.  Water increases levels of the “feel-good” brain chemical like dopamine.  Water shifts your thoughts away from daily routines and the stress and it brings peace and joy to the mind and body.

Exercise – Swimming is a great way to lose those excess pounds that were put on during the long winter months. Exercising while having fun!  Isn’t that the best way to lose weight?

Home Improvement Value – Adds to the decor of the home and makes a home easier to sell…  up to 5 to 7 % more for the house, a swimming pool can improve resale value when a desirable home has a beautiful swimming pool.

Homes in subdivisions where other homes have pools will be more desirable and have better resale value.  If the other homes in your neighborhood have pools, it’s important to have a swimming pool.   When it comes time to sell your home, it will perform well against other homes that may be for sale with pools.

Realtor Mag, the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors, also reports that the type of pool matters and can impact your home value.  These types of pools will bring the most value:

  • In-ground: An in-ground pool will increase your home value much more than an above-ground pool.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: A pool that has style and is beautifully designed is preferable.
  • Good condition: The pool must be well-maintained without mechanical problems.